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23 noviembre, 2020 | The Anglo Academy blog

As an English teacher, what is the biggest issue we face when preparing students for Cambridge Assessment English Exams?

English Exams Lab plataform

The disheartening and seemingly endless search for practice materials.  Mock exams, sample activities, listening activities… the hours before a class are dedicated to seeking possible tasks or exercises that may be tailored for your English learners’ preparation toward Cambridge certification success. The relief and happiness experienced seconds after triumphantly getting through a barely-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth preparation class turns to agony and despair when one of your bright-eyed chargers innocently asks, “Could you give us more activities to practice with at home?

Hallelujah! This anguish for teachers need no longer exist thanks to a platform now available through The Anglo called English Exams Lab plataform (EEL). The best description that can be given to EEL is that it’s a one stop solution to the difficulties English teachers face when preparing students, providing practice, and keeping tabs on student development with the focus on certification competency. The platform is literally enormous. It covers practice for Cambridge Language Assessments from Starters (Pre A1) to Proficiency (C2) and there are over 3000  tasks that are aimed at developing the appropriate competencies required for each level.

There are dozens of opportunities for students to practice each exam activity, while teachers can keep tabs on their students’ strengths and their areas that require work and improvement. The activities and evaluative tools that are provided allow teachers to design a curriculum that will easily cover a school years’ worth of work for any of the mentioned exams. The best part is that student progress can constantly be monitored through the application of mock exams of which the English Exams Lab plataform has more than sufficient.

The English Exams Lab platform interface is easy to use. Each section is clearly indicated and opened simply – which is a blessing for those of us who are not so technologically literate. Additionally, it can be accessed through ANY device with an internet connection, eliminating the issue of PC/Mac/tablet/mobile compatibility. So students should have no excuse to not complete tasks assigned. And to make things even more helpful, there is a section dedicated to the explanation and revision of grammar concepts. This platform truly has everything a teacher could possibly want to help their students on the way to international exam success. This platform is only available through us! So get in touch!

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